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Payment Security

Your transactions are secured with industry-leading payment standards and partners. 
Credit Cards

We use Stripe, an industry-leading payment processor. for secure credit card transactions over SSL.  Stripe has been certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of certification available.  Stripe is also a participant in the PCI Security Councel. 


We also use Stripe to securely process bank transfers (ACH).  If you are using your bank login to add a bank account, the most sensitive data is heavily encrypted using Plaid.  Their data is encrypted with 2048-bit RSA and decryption is only possible using dedicated machines on their private network.  

If you are using your account number and micro-deposits to add your bank account, the your bank account is verified with Stripe.  As noted above, Stripe has been verified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. 

My Account

Rudder provides a log of previously completed transactions in the user dashboard powered by Stripe.  Currently, this dashboard is accessed through email links in your inbox.  Simply search "Rudder" in your email inbox, and find the link to "Check Your Balance."

Rudder will develop user profiles with login credentials and more account capability if there is demand.


You can request this feature here.

Transaction History

Revisions & Previews

Revisions, Previews and Collaboration

The ability to send a draft in order to work toward a final product has always been the plan for Rudder. With this feature would come preview-ability of protected files, and the ability to enable downloads when the client is satisfied.  Realistically though, we all have to start somewhere.  


Want to accelerate our progress toward these features?  You can request this feature here.

Payment Methods

Credit Card

Currently, Rudder only accepts major credit cards as a payment option. 

Credit cards are processed with a 3% processing fee billed to the party paying for the files.  


ACH payments are on the horizon! Rudder is working to implement ACH payments at checkout for the recipient of the files.  ACH payments will be free of processing fees, and will serve as a free checkout option to the recipient of the files.  



What will my client see?

Check out the "client's view" here.


The recipient of the files is responsible for covering the processing fees as determined by their preferred payment method.  Credit card payments are subject to standard processing fees, while ACH payments are free.  


Rudder charges the sender of the files a small fee for facilitating the transaction.  Our fees are significantly smaller than other payment platforms online, and can be viewed here.

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